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Ohana Ambassador Program

We can confidently say that we have the best, #1 affiliate program in the market today. At LOVLEI premium resort, beach and activewear, we’ve built our brand to be a win-win for everybody, so be prepared to get blown away.

LOVLEI is the new, must have apparel brand with famed-roots, steeped in fashion and fabric. Our founder’s family are credited with pioneering the Southern California surf lifestyle culture.If you have ever heard of, or worn, Ralph Lauren Polo, Billabong, O’Neil, Hang Ten, Ocean Pacific (OP), Offshore, Quicksilver, Gotcha, Roxy, Volcom, or Vans, to name a few, then you are aware of their fabrics and prints.

With new collections being released weekly, showcasing exclusive one-of-a-kind archived Hoffman prints, you and your audience will have a reason to be excited and engaged, without the hamster- wheel of trying and failing in ambassador programs.

We LOVE our ambassadors, and they LOVE us too!

Become a LOVLEI ambassador and within minutes you'll have your own link to share and promote.

Every sale you generate earns you between 25-35% in sheer profit.

As an eco-friendly brand, with facilities in Mission Viejo, California and Bali, we take fashion, and people, seriously. We know quality and we don’t miss a beat.

With discount codes, automated email campaigns, free gifts, special offers, marketing programs and incredible fashion, you can be rest assured that your audience will keep coming back for more.

Our secret sauce is found in our lifetime referral bonus (as if 35% isn’t compelling enough).

Do you know, or collaborate, with other influencers?

If you do, and they join through your link, you can earn 7% on all the revenue they generate, every month, for life. You can also earn 5% monthly on all of of the revenue their referrals generate too! Meaning, you can really build a compelling income stream that pays every month!!

Get a few influencers to join you in LOVLEI and you’ll be making an ever-growing passive income while you sleep. If they do the same, LOVLEI will become the brand everyone is talking about in no time. And YOU, the one who takes advantage of the LOVLEI opportunity, will be the one who reaps the benefits!

Something important to LOVLEI is our commitment to community. We want women to glow more confidently, while feeling beautiful, inside and out -- each and every day. We are on the move, seeking opportunities to join and collaborate together, with live fashion shows, exclusive retreats and incredible get togethers.

We give everyone the opportunity to celebrate, network, learn, model and of course have inclusive opportunities to become financially independent. At LOVLEI, we aim to inspire, help and encourage each other.

We are not just another brand, we are LOVLEI and so are YOU!

Join us today, and experience the difference. Let’s make a positive difference in your life and the lives of women across the globe. It’s the LOVLEI way.

Exclusive Perks

Every LOVLEI customer is offered a unique code. When others use it to purchase, the customer who owns the code earns FREE shopping credits and BIG discounts. If you’re a Lovlei Ambassador and it was your customer who shared their code, you earn the retail profit on every purchase made with it!