Who’s at the heart of the LOVLEI life?

None other than our accomplished, stylish and compassionate Founder, Robin Hoffman Haack.

Iconic Legacy

Long before the panoramic oceanview properties and high-end resorts were built, Dana Point, California was pure, untouched beauty. It beckoned surfers and divers. Among them were the Hoffmans, who like others became smitten with a life spent on the beach.

Inspired by the picturesque high bluffs and sheltered coves on the Orange County coast, the Hoffman family, along with other entrepreneurs and pioneers like Hobie Alter, would be instrumental in helping to establish and build Dana Point’s rich surfing history.

She's a Soul-Cal Girl

Against the backdrop of stunning south Orange County beaches, surfing and horseback riding on the wide-open fields on the bluffs overlooking Dana Point, Robin lived a golden outdoorsy life that many now think of as “quintessential SoCal.” 

It’s all because of Robin’s father, Walter Hoffman, who fell in love with Hawaii and used his fabric experience to create something new; a style that captures SoCal beach life and the surf culture it inspired.

Woven Together

Today, working creatively with her daughter, spending sweet time with her granddaughter, and still riding her beloved horses, Robin is grateful for the LOVLEI life she leads — one built on generations of fabric, family, beauty and love. It’s one she wants to share to inspire and empower others. 

"The promise of what lies aheadis fueled by love, community and a commitment torecognize and honor the beauty we all have inside." - Robin Hoffman Haack

Encouraging Women

LOVLEI believes in helping women live the LOVLEI life through a sisterhood, filled with support, togetherness, beauty and inspirtation to be beautifully you. Together, we can learn to see ourselves as the masterpieces we already are, while embracing the opportunity to grow and live more joyfully. We’re committed to championing women everywhere to become the best version of themselves. 

“When you realize you’re already good enough, you gain confidence to aim higher, to chase and grab hold of your dreams — and take joy in helping others do the same.”- Robin Hoffman Haack

Robin's Closet

The below items are beautiful styles are soft, luxe and currently on repeat in Robin’s LOVLEI closet. They are here favorite for being universally flattering and available in several gorgeous collection prints. You’re bound to find one or more to suit your mood and satisfy your color palette!